Grape must seasoning  0,25 lt

Grape must seasoning 0,25 lt

Grape must sseasoning.  To be used on cheeses, salads, roasts or even icr cream, fruit and yogurt.
Foot Cream with Extra...
Beauty line

Foot Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Foot Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soft cream with selected ingredients to make it useful in case of tired feet and skin to moisturize. It can bring relief to the feet thanks to the massage necessary for its application. Also contains: extra virgin olive oil, thyme extract, vegetable glycerin. How to use: use several times a day, massaging until...
Extra Virgin Olive Trisole...
Conventional extra virgin oil

Extra Virgin Olive Trisole Tear 0,25lt Bottle

100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained by natural surfacing after only pressing the olives with stone mills, dosing seven varieties of olives with an ancient technique. The extration by surfacing allows the intact conservation of all the nutritional and organoleptic qualities. Oil with an intense and aromatic taste, slightly bitter; excellent...
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with...
Favored evo condiments

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Ginger 0,25lt

Dressing based on flavored extra virgin olive oil: with Ginger. Excellent dressing for salads, risottos, fish and grilled vegetables.