Ill Frantoio D'Amico tells the story of an Apulian family that has transformed the love for its land, its olive trees, into a 100% Italian precious oil.

The farm, now also organic, since 1917 brings extra virgin olive oil to the table.

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Italy has always been the queen of culinary quality and excellence in the world, is home of extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil, in fact, more and more sought after and appreciated, has always been part of our gastronomic culture, entering by right as the undisputed king of the Mediterranean diet.

The extra virgin olive oil comes, in fact, from different territories and varieties of olives and different methods of processing and pressing. All this affects the preservation of the organoleptic properties of Apulian oil (aroma, taste) that make it of quality.

And it is from the very beginning to offer a quality extra virgin olive oil from which the tradition of the D'Amico family, which since 1917 brings to the table an excellent and award-winning Apulian extra virgin olive oil.

The oil of "Il Frantolio di D'Amico Pietro" was born in Cisternino in the heart of the Itria Valley, from the different varieties of plants typical of our territory: Ogliarola, Nardò, Cerasola, Fasola, Corna Leucocarpa and from two varieties of wild olive trees of our Mediterranean maquis, for the most part secular.

These crops give life to the extra virgin olive oil D'Amico called "Trisole". The olives are produced from centuries-old trees, harvested mainly by hand from mid-October to mid-December, carefully selected and cold processed.

The whole process of craftsmanship, fruit of the tradition of the oil masters: cultivation, harvesting, pressing, bottling, makes the oil of the D'amico oil mill, as well as a certified oil, a unique oil for flavor and fragrance, that common oils do not have.

Its label is synonymous with safety, reliability, Apulian tradition, certification, an oil art that has not been lost in time.

Love and respect for the land and olive trees of Puglia, has brought the 'farm D'Amico has become organic since 1998, and to bring on your tables organic products of uncontaminated nature.

The guided tours with tasting inside the organic farm D'Amico, will be a unique experience between tradition and taste, Mediterranean atmosphere inside the Trulli of Puglia.

Guided tour of the Oil Mill and Tasting

Book your tour in our oil mill and find out how the extra virgin olive oil is born

An experience between taste and tradition..

Cosimo Damiano Guarini

Lecturer in several courses for professional oil tasters, after his university studies at the Faculty of Agriculture in Bari, he approaches the world of oil with the joy of a child who discovers new worlds. Agronomist, passionate about cooking and lover of good company at the table, is a convinced supporter of sharing as a weapon to improve life. Author of numerous books on the culture of oil, among his publications "Il pelo nell'olio" (2020) where you can find a long interview with D'Amico Pietro and "La grande storia dell'ulivo" (2016) book for children.